You are enough

Do you really notice?

I’ve just returned from my perfect start to a day; an hours yoga class followed by a good run along the seafront, with the view above to keep me company. How stunning is that? How lucky am I to live in a place like this?

I ended last months article with the statement that “you are enough”. All too often in this immediate, digital world we live in, we look at people’s Instagram pictures or Facebook posts and maybe wonder why we can’t look like that, or why we can’t have that or go there. Because of this we then think that we aren’t enough, we should do better, we should do more. In my mind that’s not right; or useful; or good for you and we need to stop thinking this way.

Currently I’m really in to mindfulness and yoga. The two disciplines often go hand in hand and one thing they both teach me is to accept and appreciate. In yoga it’s very much about connecting with yourself, turning your awareness inwards, tuning in, if you like, to how your body feels; what it is telling you. It is about being able to sit, balance, wobble or lie with how your body is, to remove the distractions of the outside world and to accept what your body and mind are. There are no pressures or comparisons, wherever you are, that is ok. You are enough.

Mindfulness can be about the world around you or about you. Its focus though is accepting and appreciating the here and now, the present moment. Not thinking ahead about your shopping list, a difficult conversation, work issues; it is noticing, hearing, seeing, tasting. Noticing the bird song, the sound of the waves, the feel of your daily moisturiser, seeing the colour of the leaves, really tasting that piece of well earned chocolate cake!

I didn’t intend on this as a topic for my February article until I finished my run this morning and really appreciated what was around me. It didn’t matter than I didn’t run my fastest or that I didn’t go as far as I could have done. It mattered that I accepted what I had done and that I appreciated what my body had allowed me to do.

One technique I use daily is a gratitude journal. It is something I think everyone should try. When I look back on my day, I think about what I am grateful for. Today is easy; a perfect start to the day, the beach and sun that was part of my run and for accepting that I am enough.

Next month it’ll be all abut the exercise!! Until then find what you are grateful for. x

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