WWW: Leave the World Wide Web and embrace Wellbeing While Waiting!

Most of the crazy “stuff” I do around my children results in: ”Oh Mum, You are SO embarrassing”. Sound familiar? I gave up trying to be cool Mum, when crazy Mum and their reactions to crazy Mum, became so much more fun!

One of the craziest things I think we do as parents is waiting.  Waiting for our children. How much time do you spend waiting in the playground? Waiting in the car? Waiting for them to do as they are told!? I wonder how much time we actually spend doing this? Right now I am sitting, writing this in the car, waiting for my beauties to get off the bus!

Any of MuMotivate’s regular readers will know I am all for ME time, and using our time wisely. I can be the world’s biggest procrastinator, and I think the higher usage of smart phones and social media have only increased how much, and how easy it is to procrastinate. I understand that smart phones and social media may have to feature in our daily lives, especially if you run your own business. But how many times do you reach for your phone and press the home button just in case there are any notifications? I read somewhere, that we check our phones, on average 80 times a day! That’s madness! Anyhow, I digress!

I want to tackle waiting time.  That’s why I went off on a tangent/rant! I’ll bet that whilst waiting for the kids to finish football or netball you are in a supermarket coffee shop or in the car on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram. So my challenge to you is that whilst the children are getting their dose of healthiness, why don’t you get yours too.
Here are my top five Wellbeing While Waiting tips:
1) Grab a fellow parent and go for a run, jog or walk – easy to do, just you and your trainers, oh and a watch so you are back in time to pick up the youngster!
2) Plan your weekly menu. Always keep a notebook in the car or in your bag. Use the time to plan healthy family meals and your shopping list. Saves you time, money and calories!
3) Meditate. Put some gentle music on, or just sit quietly, set a timer so again you aren’t late for pick up.  This is a good time to meditate. The calm before the storm!
4) Practise mindfulness. Go for a walk by yourself and really think about what you are doing, what you are seeing. Pay attention to how each footstep feels or how autumnal the leaves look or how the birds sound. It’s amazingly calming to place yourself in the present moment.
5) Go Crazy, have fun and try this with a friend or two. Spell out your names, then note the exercises alongside the letters of the names. Do each of the exercises for 30 seconds with a rest in between.

A – squats                 I – press ups              Q – star jumps                 Y – calf raise
B – skipping             J – shoulder press    R – squat jumps              Z – burpees
C – plank                  K – burpees                S – side plank
D – step ups             L – lunges                   T – mountain climbers
E – Russian twist    M – high knees          U – walking lunges
F – hula hoop           N – superman           V – side lunge
G – sumo squat        O – jog on spot         W – triceps dips
H – hopping             P – biceps curls         X – bench jumps

For example. If your name is Tina, you do the following work out:
T – Mountain climbers
I – Press ups
N – Superman
A – Squats

You can change the exercise and rest times to suit you, although try not to rest too long between exercises! Less rest makes it harder! You can also change the exercises too… no cheating. So once you have completed “Tina’s” workout, do the same for your friend Evangelina* and you do… well… a long workout! You get the idea!

Maybe the first thing to do is invite your friends with short names! Most importantly make sure you are safe and that you enjoy it!
* this is the longest girls name I could find – 10 letters! Any advances? Let us know!

P.S. This is “Evangelina’s” workout!
E – Russian Twist
V – Side lunges
A – Squat
N – Superman
G – Sumo squat
E – Russian twist
L – Lunges
I – Press ups
N – Superman
A – Squat

Have a great month, embrace the crazy! x

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