What’s On the Agenda?

Monthly meeting between MuMan and the MuMar blogazine readers
March 2018

1. Apologies
2. Review minutes of the previous blog post
3. Matters arising and action points from the previous meeting
4. Standing agenda items; parenting things to do with:
– Twins
– Triplets
– Quads and more
5. Any other business
6. Date of next meeting (April 2018)


1. Apologies: From the Chairperson (MuMan) to our twinkles.

2. The blog article from last month was agreed to be an accurate reflection of how children change your life and the importance of keeping time to barycentre (read article for explanation) with your partner/spouse/other half.

3. Date day booked in with MuMum this Thursday to barycentre. ACTION COMPLETE

4. I often find our twinkles frustrating. Actually. to be more accurate, I find the speed at which they do things, frustrating. Sometimes when I’m talking to other people about the twinkles, I compare life with them to herding tortoise. But I’m not used to working like that. Meetings at work run to an agenda, more or less, and if you run out of time, well, that’s it! There’s probably going to be someone else waiting to get into the meeting room after you, so you’ve either got to get on and not procrastinate or not have your business discussed.

In general terms, on the spectrum of highly strung to so laid back you’re horizontal, I tend towards the horizontal end, although I’ve been known to be more than prone to a highly-strung moment. I take life as it comes and I’m usually happy to go with the flow of things. I do, however, like to have a natural order to things: I like routine and things should be done when they should be done. If something needs doing, the concept of manana doesn’t appear in my vocabulary.

EDITOR INTERRUPTION: (through tears of laughter) “MuMan – re-read the oxymoron you’ve just written”
ME: “Oh ok, maybe I’m not so horizontal after all!” (ironically said lying on the sofa!)

Why then, don’t my beloved offspring get the same sense of urgency or importance about getting ready or getting something done when it absolutely needs to get done? For them, it doesn’t matter whether we need to cross the road to get to the bus stop before it leaves without us, or some other semi-important thing.

But there are sometimes when I just can’t understand their procrastination. Take yesterday for example: we’ve just had our second period of snow in as many weeks. For the area of the country where we live, any snow at all is a rare occurrence, so to have a lot of snow in such a short space of time is unheard of and exciting. So when we had another dump of the white stuff yesterday morning (remember, this is only the second time they’ve seen actual snow!!), we were all excited to get outside to build a snowman, throw snowballs at each other and go sledding.

All I wanted was a snowball fight but snow angels it was!

All we had to do was eat a quick bit of lunch and put some warm clothes on.

I repeat: ALL we had to do was eat a quick bit of lunch and put some warm clothes on.

The quick bit of lunch took roughly four days to eat (about 35 minutes in actual time) and getting changed took approximately ten times longer than it should have done. I think I must have been keener to get outside than them because I was stood by the back door, sweating buckets in my t-shirt, two jumpers, big coat, long johns, fleece lined trousers, hat scarf and gloves.

Why weren’t they ready to go???

The agenda, it seems, is not mine: they’re chairing this meeting!

But when I think about it, it’s not that surprising really. I’m almost incapable of thinking like a nearly four-year-old (let alone two of them) and they’re not even able to comprehend what being thirty-something years old even means, let alone think like one. They have no concept of time and even if they did, they’re too busy trying to get to grips and understand what’s important to them in their world.

In the end, we went outside when they were ready. We had a great time building a snowman, making and throwing snowballs and best of all, finding a few not-too-dangerous slopes to go down on the sled.

Magical memories made all round.

5. MuMum said something to me yesterday evening that’s stuck: I was so intent on achieving something that was on my agenda that took the fun out of getting ready and enjoying the task in hand. From now on I’m going to try my best to be in the twinkles meeting, rather than trying to shoe-horn their life into my agenda; that way we should all gain.

6. See you next month. Cheers,

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