What’s Christmas like for a teenager?

I’ve been thinking what Christmas actually means to me and it takes me back to a Geography lesson I had a few days before we broke up. We were looking at 9 mark questions and how to write them, we studied command words such as describe and explain.

I don’t know where to start when told to describe what Christmas means to me or how to explain it.

The key word we looked at was assess. Assess what Christmas means to you.

We are told to:

  • Write down all the factors
  • Explain the importance of them

So if I were to assess what Christmas means to me I think it would be something like this.

Christmas is a time for gift-wrapping, decorating, joy, sometimes snow and triumph.

Family. Christmas is a time for family, a time for creating magic moments for young children and exchanging handmade gifts. For me, family is the most important gift because they are the ones that know everything about you and accept you regardless of your mistakes. They will always support you, have your back, and love you unconditionally. Family is the foundation of a great Christmas.

Food. Christmas is a time for food, where families are together as one unit. We fulfil the Christmas traditions of roast turkey. In our modern lives, getting the family together can be quite a challenge, especially if there is more than one side to it, and so we should take advantage of Christmas dinner as nothing else should get in the way. Squabbles should be over who gets the crispiest roasty or the biggest slice of Christmas pudding, not what happened yesterday or whose turn it is to choose a program on TV.

Music, Christmas is a time for music, where the laughter and cheer influences those around us. It’s the time of the year when caramel tastes better with a sprinkling of salt. Christmas without the music is like caramel without the salt. Christmas music enhances people’s happiness and as there is nothing quite like the power of music to burst human emotions, as the festive season comes with a playlist, you’re guaranteed smiles all round.

Now Christmas doesn’t stop there!

With only a few days to go, I leave you with one of my favourite lines…

“Have yourself a merry little Christmas”

See you in the new year, MuMystery

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