Weirdos – what happens to you when you join the parent club

You know those weirdos (eclectic people??) you see when you’re walking around town or through the park? Those middle-aged women with 15 different coloured bows in their hair or with badges pinned all over their coat? The ones you walk past and wonder what on-earth possessed them to dress like an overzealous child? Well I think I am one!

I was in a shop the other day and happened to catch sight of myself in a mirror. I had two brightly coloured glittery star clips in my hair and my top was covered in stickers. Princess stickers. Rainbow stickers. Heart stickers….

I felt embarrassed. I felt bad. I had judged those ‘weirdos’ to be well, ‘weirdos’. They, no sorry, we are not weirdos. We are Mummies! Mummies who have in fact simply been accessorised by an overzealous child.

Or in my case, two!

Something on my face, you say?

Over the past few weeks, whenever I put a clip in our girls’ hair, they instruct me to put one in my hair. Whenever they’re playing with stickers, they want to stick some on me too because I’m a “good girl” (apparently!). Whenever I’m putting make up on, they have their own little supplies of it they play with and want to paste on to my cheeks. And I let them do all of these things because, well why not? They think it’s fun and I want them to enjoy life. It causes me no harm. No harm until I forget about it that is. Forget about it and go out that is…looking like a weirdo!

It’s ok when I forget about it and go out with our girls. I hope people will put two and two together and just think I’m a fun Mum. But it’s those times when I go to work or nip to the shop, without our daughters…that it now occurs to me I must just look like one of those weirdos.

So I’m standing up for ‘weirdos’ these days. Because I think they just probably have a small child somewhere who has influenced their style today.

Our daughters have already begun to instruct me in what to wear. Thankfully only in respect of colour or more commonly “dots today” but I fear it won’t be long before they start putting entire outfits together for me.

I was also recently spotted at a wedding running around the grounds of a stately home barefoot. Oh how times have changed… who needs elegant stilettos anyway?!

All of this I do for them. Because they love it. Because I love them. What crazy things will I do/look like in the future? Who knows. But I’ll do it and I hope I will always be able to smile it off and embrace my inner ‘weirdo’.


As it’s Halloween this month I’m sure many of you will be dressing up and prancing about, all in the name of fun for your children but what other strange things have you done since becoming a parent? MuMan’s jotted down a few of the surprises that have come with being a Dad and MuMystery looks at it all from the other side – a great insight into how your teenagers feel when you go fully-involved-parent on their social media accounts! MuMotivate’s getting physical with your waiting time and our very own MuMatriarch has her list of ideas to be the ultimate fun grandparent.

On which note it is with great sadness and pride that I dedicate this months’ MuMag to my own grandparents – the silliest, funniest amount of craziness I have ever known, stemmed from pure love and devotion. My crazy weird has still got a lot to learn!

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