Temporary Twinning!

This month, NLHT tell us a about a set of twins they cared for temporarily cared for, which I can only imagine was a priceless gift for the mother:

Bertram and Bernice appeared at our gate late one hot and humid afternoon.

They were twins and their mother was in a desperate situation.  She was struggling to raise them on her own; having had a difficult birth that had left her with severe surgical complications.

The twin boy was ill and urgently needed medical intervention. He was delirious with fever and exhaustion.

The mother was an intelligent woman who was studying hard at degree level. She had fallen on hard times and did not have the support of friends or family to see her through such a difficult period in her life.

New Life Home was asked to rescue the twins temporarily, to give the mother a chance to get the medical help she needed and stabilise her life.

Following a course of intravenous antibiotics the twins began to grow and thrive.  They became happy and content knowing that they were in a safe and loving place.

Although only with us for 3 months, New Life Home supplied the acute medical intervention they needed and possibly saved their lives. Our staff showered the children with unconditional love and compassion, welcoming them into our happy home!

Bertram and Bernice in their Bumbos!

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