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As it’s the start of the New Year, I wanted to tell you more about how you might be able to help the incredible work at New Life Home. Their Sponsor A Crib program is a great way to extend you family love and finances to a baby in need. The following is information about it from their website. If you’re interested in finding out more then head over the the NLHT website or send us a message through the site or through our Facebook page and we’ll put you in touch.

Want to help save the lives of abandoned babies, month in, month out? Want to see photos & read stories of the babies whose lives you have helped save, month in, month out? Then look no further.

newlifeWe believe that no hospital should ever be the permanent home for a baby, even if that baby was abandoned at birth. It was for this reason that New Life Home Trust was founded in 1994, with a particular priority for those babies infected or affected by HIV-AIDS.

All across Kenya, our Baby Rescue Centres serve as ‘mini baby hospitals’ where abandoned, malnourished, sick and HIV-affected babies are nursed to health and strength, as we simultaneously seek adoptive families for each little one.

Saving and transforming the lives of these precious ones is costly. It calls for 24 hours a day attention by nurses and caregivers, daily consultations with doctors and other health specialists, incubators and other specialized medical equipment, oxygen, medicines, hospital treatments, baby formula milk, social workers and lawyers (to free the children for adoption), and so on. But we consider all of this a small price to pay to save the life of one child and then to give that little one the best possible chance of a whole ‘new life’.

If you feel similarly, then we invite you to join our Sponsor A Crib programme to help fund our life-saving, life-transforming work. We look forward to sharing with you – every month, by e-newsletter – the stories of the precious lives we are able to rescue, to give a crib to, because of your financial commitment.

To help you decide how much you should give, the average total monthly cost of caring for one rescued baby at New Life Home Trust is KSh 50,000 (that’s about $500 or £400 or €450). In light of this, we have suggested the monthly sponsorship amounts below, although any contribution will be very gratefully received.

Sponsor A Crib
(in Full):
newlifeKSh 50,000 a month
$500 a month
£400 a month
€450 a month

Sponsor A Crib
(in Part):
KSh 5,000 a month
$50 a month
£40 a month
€45 a month


If donating cash is a little too much of a stretch for your family (we get that!) then check my previous article ‘Malnourished Babies‘ where you’ll find a list of some of the smaller things you can donate; things you may think are worthless but can be invaluable to NLHT!

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