Please don’t!

While many of us teenagers will sit here defending social media for all its worth, I expect or or Sarahah won’t get much praise. I don’t know whether it will be due to the fact it isn’t actually social media but seems to suit the category for what we know about Instagram and Snapchat, or whether it’s due to the bad quality and rating?!

There have been lots of replicas of, then Sarahah all of which do the same. Let’s stick to as it’s easier to spell! is a free tool which enables people to make accounts and leave feedback of other people. You don’t have to be registered to write to other people yet to receive them you do.

The absurd things about is that, unlike Instagram and Snapchat, is out of trend now. Through the months of July, August and September, it was the ‘new’ thing and the ‘biggest’ thing. People would take screenshots of the messages they received and put it on their Instagram and Snapchat stories saying ‘message me back if you wrote any of these’. As you can imagine not many people messaged back because there is something about saying how you feel behind a screen anonymously to expressing your feelings and being known.

Teenagers have been putting themselves through feelings of appreciation when the person remains anonymous yet irritancy and fury when the person is revealed.

People would admire the truth if you say it on but would hate it if you say the same to their faces.

One of the main issues with tools like this, is not only the mean and disrupting messages but people take it as an opportunity to show off and go with the trend. In reality, everyone knows that nobody is going to feel comfortable confessing they’ve written something so there is no need to make them; people should take it as an opportunity to get better, not make people feel worse.

Let me give you an example of a situation:
There is a girl and a boy. The boy has a crush on the girl and so as soon as he finds out the profile for the girl he gets excited and starts writing his heart out. The girl is happy because she has a fan following her. For the boy, he is also very happy because he is about to get the girl of his dreams.

Neither the girl or boy are getting anything, love, friendship, fans or dreams, because it is anonymous. Restrained emotions, loneliness, lack of self confidence, vulnerability and even weak mentality is what drives teenagers towards these platforms.

They wreck teenager’s personalities and turn them into something they aren’t.

I made an account once, had a few nice comments and a few I had to delete. I could tell that it was targeted for teenage customers and knew how much of a time killer it was.

So, here is my advice to you. If you are ever in need of honest reviews, appreciation or validation in life, prove it with your actions. No other appreciation can compete with one that comes from friends, family or people you know.

My account still runs today even though I don’t use it. One message has just popped up and I think I should share.

‘I hope you had a very merry Christmas and all the best for the new year’


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