Oxygen isn’t something most of us have to think about on a daily basis. But I’m sure those of you that have had severely poorly children will appreciate how central to one’s thinking it can become when your child is lacking oxygen. At New Life Home, a child lacking this most basic of human needs is an all too common occurrence. Here, they tell us about the plight of pneumonia and the invaluable machine that saves life. Don’t forget, they do all this work off the back of donations! We are in awe.

Pneumonia, was in times past, referred to as the ‘Old Man’s Friend’. When an old and tired body had become worn out, the aged person would slip quietly and painlessly away, escaping a long and unpleasant death.

Here at New Life Home however, there is nothing welcome or friendly about pneumonia.

A special care baby unit at NLH

The presence of pneumonia is ubiquitous and it arrives with unfortunate regularity. Many babies come to us having had their health compromised. Already, they may have been exposed to bacteria and viruses before they arrive at our gates. In these circumstances, a baby may show signs of low oxygen levels. The respirations become rapid and laboured. The blood oxygen drops and the nostrils begin to flare. In severe cases the baby can start to ‘grunt’. When we observe that the blood oxygen levels are below normal, our first intervention is to reach for the oxygen mask. This simple solution has an immediate and life saving effect.

Thanks to an international donor, we have are lucky enough to have an automatic oxygen manifold which has made a dramatic impact on our sick babies. We can rest assured knowing that however many babies need oxygen, at whatever time of the day or night, the system will be able to support their oxygen needs. An automatic and reliable source of oxygen is our single most important weapon against the ugly spectre of pneumonia.


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