New Start, New Notebook

I’m not sure that as MuMag’s designated motivational mogul, that I should be admitting this to you. But sometimes I lose motivation……..big style! Yes, I am human!

This year I took a full two weeks off work; no clients, no emails, no work social media, no work texts. I left it all at the workshed door! I love my job, I’m really very lucky, but a whole two weeks without routine and work was fabulous! However, what I forgot was how much I like my routine when it comes to exercising and looking after me. If I know I have to get up to exercise at 7.15am because that’s the only time I have, then I will. If I have all day to exercise, because I’m on holiday (home staycation!) then I am less likely to do it! Weird huh?!

Now it’s September. I actually love September as a time for new beginnings, new starts. It’s so much nicer than bleak, post Christmas bulge/purse/blues that you get in January. Here are my other reasons for liking September as a new start:

• The children are back to school – a brand new year, brand new challenges for them
• My birthday has just passed, so I’m feeling loved! A new decade for me this year!
• A new season is on its way, and although we might still yearn for the sun, we may as well embrace it! Autumn is always pretty!
• I’m refreshed and ready to establish a new routine!

So once the house has been reverted back to normal, post summer holidays, what’s your exercise and wellbeing plan? How will you plan your time? Don’t forget to pen in YOU time, along side house and work responsiblities! I don’t need many excuses to buy a new notebook, but this is the perfect time.

September 1st, cup of coffee, two new notebooks, and I am beginning the month’s plan!  It’s up to you how you plan and what you plan, but if you are anything like me writing down what you intend to do can certainly be useful, plus I think it increases your chance of actually implementing it…if only to prevent messing up your new notebook.

So here are my suggestions for planning your wellbeing and exercise month/week. Don’t make it too complex, keep it simple. Make it fun, colourful. Be realistic. Where is your reality right now? Be flexible but disciplined. Enjoy your tasks, it shouldn’t be a chore. You can set monthly or weekly goals. Make them challenging but achievable.  I make sure I pen (make it definite) meditation, yoga and gym time into my week. Setting myself little challenges each week; to meditate everyday for 20 minutes or to do handstands everyday for the week. Little goals to keep me focused.

There are all sorts of ways in which you can set your planner out.  Pinterest has an amazing array of weekly planner layouts that you will love! Definitely check them out for ideas. But however you choose to plan your exercise and wellbeing make it enjoyable, stress-free and make it work for you. I’d love to hear/see your planners. Let’s share the planning love.

Happy planning x

I just remembered this. I got given a traditional maori “koru” pendent years ago, when I was going through a difficult time. “koru” in maori is symbolic of new life, new beginnings, hope, a new start, awakening, personal growth, a new phase (in life). Quite apt for September and new starts.

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