I think I’ve got a social mum…

To all my new followers, make sure you like and comment on my recent post and turn on my post notifications!

Just to update all you readers, I just posted on Instagram. A picture of me and my 3 best friends, I captioned it ‘lush day today’ with a few kisses on the end to spread the love.

Within 3 minutes of posting, already 5 likes and a comment, ‘gorgeous ladies’ says one of them.

Usually I write my captions about the day’s activity, to reflect my feelings and thoughts or a cheesy joke to make the content shareable.

I refresh my feed and the circles swirls round and round for 20 seconds before presenting the fresh comments and likes, many of which are from my peers. ‘Pretty’, ‘favourite people’ and ‘thanks for a good day’ are the most recent comments with 22 people who’ve hit the red heart. I put my phone down, on silent so it doesn’t beep every second.

Funnily enough, Mum asked me the other day what the point of having notifications was for and so I explained; notifications allow Instagram users to be alerted when someone likes, comments or tags you in a photo. Despite the fact that many people find this extremely annoying, when you have races with your friends to see who can get the most likes or who can like the picture first, it’s an absolute necessity to have this!!

47 likes now.

Through the whole conversation about notifications I had my fingers crossed, until they started going colourless, in the hope that my Mum had no intention of creating an Instagram account because I knew that meant she would see everything I post.

It is always a risk to accept a friend request from your parents – especially if they happen to take advantage of notifications. I was reading an article about the hilarious put downs and cutting comments left by mums and dads on their children’s social media feeds. Filled with embarrassing anecdotes about their kids, some parents are ruthless and unsympathetic when it comes to mocking their teens online.

With 1 more like needed until I hit my 100 mark, my Mum’s name pops up above my screen and I freeze, a rush of calamity ran through me in seconds. Laughing, I was annoyed but knew it wasn’t serious. I pretended I hadn’t realised but I knew it was written all over my face. At least I got the likes though!!



And 1 more comment.


I bravely reviewed my recent post and in bold letters, my Mums account jumped out at me ‘what’s wrong with your eyebrows’. I held my head in my hands: embarrassed, blushing.

I’ll write to you soon,
MuMystery xoxo
P.S. my Mum is my favourite notification 🙂

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