Happy New Year

Decide. Commit. Succeed. Be Kind.

Happy New Year.

How did your Christmas go? Did you manage to keep the eating and drinking to a sensible level of over-indulgence? Maybe, Maybe not! So here we are in January, a month that, I think it would be fair to say, lots of people find tough! The dark mornings and evenings, the Christmas credit card bills, the tighter trousers, the not-so-great weather, the new year resolutions!

Invariably people’s New Year resolutions focus around improving themselves, often the focus is on weight and fitness. You see all the gyms, magazines, newspapers and TV channels advertising “New Year, New You”. It does seem sensible to start a new regime at the beginning of a new year, but as I’m sure you know, they don’t often last past the end of January! Even if you don’t buy in to the resolution thing, January is the first time many of us haven’t been snowed under with Christmas and end of year shenanigans, so the perfect time to think about you.

So what is it going to be and how are you going to achieve your goal?

Having a general goal such as  “I am going to get fit” or “I’m going to lose weight” is a good start, but then you need to break that goal down and decide how you are going to do it.  What changes can you make, which habits do you need to break to achieve your goals?

Sit down with a new notebook (any excuse for some new stationary for me!!) Write down your overall goal for the year. Then break it down in to smaller, more manageable pieces.  That way you are giving yourself goals within a goal. To say I want to lose 2 stones in 2018 is really daunting and maybe a bit demotivating, especially when you might only see half a pound coming off each week. This becomes less daunting when you say; “by the end of January, I’d like to have lost 4lbs”. (Losing 1-2lbs per week is a sensible rate to lose weight, it will likely stay off easier if you lose it slowly).

Set yourself a routine. Pledge to go to the gym or go for a walk or go to yoga three times a week and stick to it. Write in your diary the days you are going to exercise.  Grab a buddy to take with you. Be realistic though. If you know that two days of gym-ing will fit into your week, then that’s great, go with it. Don’t over-pledge yourself.  Not being able to fit in what you had planned will only cause you stress, disappointment and then you will be faced with potential falling off the wagon. Be realistic.

I wonder if having quarterly goals might work better than one overall goal for the year. I wonder then if you would achieve more in the year? Something to ponder or try I think! In reality though if you want to start something new…..just do it! Start now. Don’t wait for Monday or January 1st. Start now.

Be determined, but be kind to yourself as well. You don’t need to make a New You, because you are already enough. Look at it as improving you, tweaking what is already there.

My Mantra this month; Decide. Commit. Succeed. But be kind.

Amy x

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