Help & FAQs

MuMar is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell with like minded people, whether you’ve got six children the same age or one.

Now, let’s get the awkward bit out of the way… You know the old adage: There’s no such thing as a free dinner! Well with MuMar there kind of is and isn’t. As a buyer, you pay us nothing to use the site and as a seller you pay us nothing when your items sell: Your stuff = Your cash! BUT unfortunately MuMar isn’t free for us to run, so we do ask for a tiny fee (honestly, it’s teeny – like less than 2p a week teeny!) if you want to sell through MuMar (see the FAQs below for more details) but we think you’ll agree it’s worth it. MuMar provides a unique marketplace for parents (plus their friends, grandparents, auntie, next door neighbour…) who want to buy and sell children’s items (as well as the essentials for mummies and daddies!), in a way that’s not offered elsewhere.

We’re different to other websites because we’ll be encouraging a real community atmosphere for parents; check out MuMag for some interesting reads each month and our social media for ways to get involved and have your say! We’ll also be running the odd competition here and there, so what’s not to like?

Like all new things, you’ll need to get used to the site and we’ve put together some FAQs to help you through your first experiences of using MuMar. If we haven’t covered it all, message us and let us know!

So, what's so good about MuMar?

Who is MuMar?

MuMar has been borne out of years of buying and selling pre-loved (second hand) or as we like to call it “twice-loved” (if you have twins that will make sense!) items for children and the frustrations that have gone along with that experience. The site has been designed by parents, for parents and if you want to know more about the story, head on over to the about MuMar page.

How are you different to other buying and selling options?

MuMar is a great place to buy and sell items for children, whether you’re a parent to a singleton, twins, triplets, quadruplets or even more! You may also be able to buy and sell other parenting goodies like books, maternity wear or even the family car!

When it comes to dressing your children, MuMar allows you to buy and sell according to the number of children you have, so it’s always easy to find that perfect outfit for your all-boy triplet team, or something cutely co-ordinating for your mixed twins.

One of the unique things about MuMar is that you don’t have to limit your audience. If you’re not feeling sentimental about your quads’ clobber and you’re willing to split your items simply add the triplets, twins and singletons categories to your listing as well.

Parents of singletons will also benefit from this unique way to sell; see the How do categories work? question in the selling section below for more examples and detail on how to do this.

MuMar works a treat for buyers because you can search for exactly what you’re looking for. And this is great news for sellers too, if you’ve got what someone is looking for, it will always appear at the top of their list.

What we’ve learnt over the last few years is just how important community is when it comes to parenting. Be this the school gate, having the grandparents on hand to help with the babysitting, or discovering through the online world that you’re not alone in the challenges you face. MuMag will bring all these elements and more together in its monthly ‘blogazine’ with views and opinions from a range of MuContributors.

What is MuMag about?

MuMag is the community section of the website written by our trusted contributors. You’ll get views from our MuMum, MuMan, MuMotivator, MuMatriarch and crucially MuYou! From here you’ll also find out about competitions (MuMar’s stars) and learn about the work MuMar does to support New Life Home Trust. We might challenge your ideas, we might inspire you, we might make you cry and we’ll hopefully make you smile. What we promise to do is share honest stories, advice, thoughts and tips. So come on over and have a browse!

The money part

What are the Fees?

For personal users:

MuMar works on a ‘selling plan’ basis. You can buy a personal selling plan from just £1 a year (that’s less than 2p a week!) and with it you’ll be able to sell through MuMar to other users with no further fees from us*. Your Stuff – Your Cash!

Our lowest price selling plan gives you the ability to have 30 live listings at any time. We think this is an average amount of selling and should serve the majority of our customers. But if [like MuMum] you like to shop and tend to have bigger wardrobes to sell on, then you can always upgrade to one of our bigger plans – for only £3 a year you get 100 live listings.

For business users:

MuMar is a great selling platform for businesses too – be them small WAHM type ones or big corporate ones. If you’d like to sell your business items through MuMar then just get in touch and we’ll be happy to set you up on one of our bespoke selling packages.


*unfortunately we don’t own PayPal so if a buyer pays you through our standard PayPal method then PayPal fees will apply (3.4%+20p) so remember to factor that in your price.

Who pays the fees?

As described above, the seller purchases a seller plan ahead of listing items to sell on After that there are no further fees from MuMar.

Just remember to factor your PayPal fees in to your price when you list your item!

Selling on MuMar

How should I list my items?

The description of the item should be as accurate and clear as possible to allow the item to be easily found in a search. Make sure you include as many categories and attributes such as brand names, colours, size and condition of the item as are relevant. This will return your item in more searches. Include multiple, clear and close up photographs; items which are listed with multiple photos have been shown to sell better than those with just one or no images at all. Above all, make sure that you describe any faults or defects with the item as fully and accurately as possible (providing a photograph of any defects is always a good idea). The chances are that you’re selling something that’s pre-loved, so unless it’s new with(out) tags, a little wear is to be expected.

How do categories work?

Categories are the main menu options you see on each page: singletons, twins, triplets, quads and more, toys etc. One of the unique things about MuMar is that you don’t have to limit your buying audience. If you’re not feeling sentimental about your quads’ clobber and you’re willing to split your items simply add the triplets, twins and singletons categories to your listing as well.

But this isn’t just a great feature for parents with multiples. A parent of a singleton child might have a bundle of vests, or a few jumpers of a similar style that might appeal to a parent of multiples who is looking for coordinating (but not identical) items. Simply add all of the categories which could apply to your item and you’ve immediately widened your market! You’ll find the category option on the first page you land on when adding a new product. Select a category from the list that appears when you click into the box. To add another category, simply repeat and you’ll be listing in more than one place from the same listing.

How do attributes work?

Here at MuMar, we get really excited about attributes..! Well MuMum does because she’s spent hour (and hours and hours….) writing them and connecting them all in to!

When someone is searching for a particular item they have filter options which allow them to narrow down their search. These are the attributes you add to your items when you list them. This is great news for sellers because your items are more likely to be found by buyers. And it’s great news for buyers as well because there’s no more trawling through reams of irrelevant items.

Buying on MuMar

How long can I keep items in my basket?

No one likes being gazumped! So at MuMar you get 45 minutes from adding something to your basket to having to check out. This helps to prevent your coveted item being snapped up by someone else in the meantime. If you think you’re going to be browsing for some time, add your items to your wishlist instead so you can refer back to them later on and add them to your basket all in one go.

How can I check out of MuMar?

There are three different ways to pay for your items on which allows you the greatest level of flexibility:

1. Reserve: this option allows you to reserve items whilst communicating with the seller about postage cost when buying multiple items from the same seller. You need to use this function when you think the stated postage might not be sufficient. If you don’t confirm the postage with the seller and you have to pay more, this will incur additional fees.

2. Cash on collection: only select this if the seller has provided this as an option. Once you confirm the order you should message the seller to make the necessary collection arrangements.

3. PayPal: use this option to pay for your items immediately.

Other things

I've got some ideas for MuMar, can I let you know what they are?

We always love to hear from you with ideas on what could work better, what else we might be able to do and also what’s working well. Feel free to drop us a line and tell us!