Crazy times

There are some real benefits to being of a mature age, although I use that word very lightly. I no longer worry about what people think of me, I know exactly what I like and don’t mind asking for it, and I have no inhibitions in acting crazy if it gives my grandchildren a fun time, resulting in one of those wonderful belly laughs that leaves them trying to catch their breath but asking for more.

The best news of all is that these memory-making moments are generally the easiest on the purse strings, although you may need to wear a back belt (as my grandchildren are so used to me putting on) or a long soak in the bath afterwards!

Let me share a few of my favourites with you at the risk of sounding quite unhinged:
• using any instruments you have, real or homemade, and singing and playing loudly
• putting on a CD and dancing along to it, or acting out the words
• playing the old traditional games ‘sleeping lions’ or ‘ring a roses’
• getting in the bath with them (you can have your swimming costume on)
• putting washing up liquid in a bowl and letting them ‘whizz’ it with the small battery whisk
• putting washing up liquid in a bowl and letting them wash up!!
• letting them ‘fly’ in your washing basket airplane
• giving them a bucket of water and adult paint brushes to ‘paint’ the house bricks/shed
• letting them rummage in your utensils draw (after removing the knives) and watching their imaginations come to life
• giving them donkey rides whilst on all fours
• letting them wear adult clothes, shoes and hats
• letting them climb into your sturdy shopping bag and carrying them around as if you didn’t know they were in there, then acting surprised when they appear for the 100th time
• any version of hide and seek, even when they tell you where to hide ?

And outside…
• laying on a trampoline while they bounce you, even though they say they won’t
• using your arms as a ‘barrier’ at the top of the slide, and the satisfaction they get from pushing past you as you shout in amazement at their cunning act
• chasing them… generally safer outside on grass I’ve found!
• going on a ‘adventure’ to find things in the garden

And so many more…

I’m sure it won’t come as any surprise to note, that the key fun factor in this list is the adult involvement. We are the best piece of equipment any child could wish for, if we just have the energy, enthusiasm and willingness to take orders from our minors.

Go and have some crazy moments and make some memories.
Have fun
Nanny J

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