Cookie Policy

Cookies are text files containing small amounts of data which are downloaded to your personal computer, tablet, mobile or similar device when you visit a website; cookies are then sent back to the originating website upon each subsequent visit to allow that user’s device, browser, preferences and related information to be recognised.  These may then be used to tailor or improve that user’s experience when accessing the site.

Cookies may be persistent or temporary in nature; persistent cookies will remain on a user’s device for a particular time period; temporary cookies (sometimes called session cookies) seek to improve a user’s experience during their access of a website but are deleted once the browser window is closed.

For analysis purposes, websites sometimes use performance cookies which collect information about how visitors use a website; this may include which pages are visited, how long visitors remain on a particular page and if error messages are generated when trying to access a particular page or area of the site. However, these cookies do not collect any personal data and are anonymous; the data is merely aggregated to allow improvements to the functionality of the website to be considered.

If the settings on your software or browser that you are using to access the Site are set to accept cookies, then by accessing and using our Site with those settings, we take this to mean that you give your consent to us placing the above types of cookies on your device or computer; please note that should you wish to change cookie preferences, most browsers will allow you to set cookie preferences, to include notifications when you receive a new cookie, preventing your browser from accepting cookies and disabling cookies altogether, but such steps may reduce the functionality of the Site or hinder your use of it.