Christmas Crackers!

This months story from NLHT reminds me that whilst we’re planning the frivolities of Christmas, their vital work is continuous, day in day out, no matter what season it is:

Frayah and Friedrich

This beautiful set of twins, Frayah and Friedrich, arrived here at New Life Home wrapped together in a blanket. Sadly, their birth mother was in a coma at a local hospital and the babies had no other relative able to care for them. Both mother and babies were HIV positive. New Life Home agreed to care for the children until their mother had recovered and was able to look after them.

The babies were nursed in incubators as their weight was just about 2000g and they had been born prematurely. We feed small babies with a feeding tube as they tend to add weight faster.  However, we had to feed Frayah with a cup as she was unable to tolerate a naso gastric tube and would not tolerate a bottle. Freidrich had a feeding tube and was more alert than his sleepy sister. Both babies were in incubators until they reached 2500g. They were then transferred to the special baby unit where they grew very quickly.  Three months later we were able to photograph them under the Christmas tree before they were returned to their mother one month later.

Christmas isn’t forgotten for these little beauties!

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