Christmas chaos: be gone!

This month at MuMag, I thought we’d use this festive opportunity for you to get to know us all a bit better. So, I’ve asked each of our blogaziners to write about what Christmas means to them. Up first…. me!

I LOVE Christmas. There is something about this time of year that just fills me with joy. Now that’s a bit of a cliché I know but it’s true.

This is mostly because my top love language is giving gifts (see here if you’ve never heard of Love Languages – or send MuMan a message – he loves telling people about Love Languages!). Not just expensive or meaningless ones for the sake of it but thoughtful ones. So, come Christmas, my mind is consumed with thinking about the people I care about and what might make them smile and feel special when they open it.

MuMan and I also love hosting and entertaining, so Christmas brings many opportunities to do that in the sparkly, overstated way that I have a natural inclination for. I guess it’s another form of giving and that certainly becomes true with the baked goods and puddings I like to offer up in abundance. (In our home, MuMan is the cook and I’m the baker!)

Finally, and certainly not least, Christmas, to me, is about family – and they’re my biggest love. So quite frankly, the festive season suits me down to a tea. It floats all my boats and I even get to wear as much glitter as I can manage without looking out of place!

I’ve always loved Christmas, for all the reasons I’ve mentioned above, but it probably goes without saying that when children arrive, the Christmas magic ups a few dozen gears!

Apart from the obvious trips to see Santa, that involve the need for an over-zealous acting degree to keep up with excitement levels and having to talk about and answer LOTS of questions about him, having our girls brought about one major and very surprising change for me: it’s made me really organised!

There’s one Christmas I remember from before I met MuMan, when I went out on Christmas Eve, came home and wrapped all my Christmas presents at about 4am on Christmas Day! Thankfully that one was spent mostly sleeping as there was not much else us adults wanted to do. Hmm…Christmas Day nap…whatever happened to those?! Ah yes, twins!

Then Christmases with MuMan, pre-children, were generally somewhat last minute. The decorations were generally put up the weekend before Christmas Day (so sometimes just a day or two before!). Christmas shopping for each other was done on Christmas Eve, with wrapping still relegated to Christmas Eve night. And Christmas Days were spent drinking wine and playing silly games.

The first year our girls arrived, I tried to stick to our usual M.O. but my usual whole days shopping were just not possible with juggling feeds and nappy changes and two little people who didn’t find my love of browsing particularly fun! Plus, the Christmas Eve wrapping was a little disappointing when MuMan and I found ourselves unwrapping it just a few hours later, whilst our little beauties slept, oblivious to what was going on!

And wine, games and napping pretty much went out the window akin to any hope of a white Christmas in Devon!

So, I learnt my lesson and the following year some bizarre feeling came over me and an even more bizarre set of actions that saw me thinking, planning (there are many lists involved!) and shopping for Christmas, in November! And I tell you what, it has revolutionised my December!

Since these two beauties arrived, I’ve ha to try and become much more organised!

Seriously, it’s hard enough shopping for twins at the best of times, especially when they want everything the same, so you need two of everything. Add in Christmas shopping mayhem and having to do shopping shifts that last the length of them sucking a lollipop to keep them happy: it can be quite stressful. So, planning and shopping in November is utter genius – why did nobody tell me about it before!

The fear and panic of not being able to get what I need last minute has gone. Although it has been replaced with a penchant to buy way more gifts than is necessary (mainly for our girls), which I tried to curb this year but I fear have failed. Plus, I’ve also been known to forget about the earliest gifts purchased in November and end up doubling up for people. Extended returns are definitely my friend in this scenario!

This year, I’m determined to crack the wrapping early too and Christmas day will definitely involve some wine and some games, though they have shifted from Pictionary to a somewhat-homemade Piñata! The nap…hmm I think it’ll be more realistic to ask Santa for that in about ten years’ time!

So that’s what Christmas means to me: speaking my love language, entertaining and being around my favourites. Oh, and now, being very organised for a small portion of the year. In January I’ll revert to my usual fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants planning!

Thankfully, the rest of the MuMag team are very different to me. Why not flip to their articles now and get to know them a bit better too.

I truly hope you have a very Merry Christmas and exciting New Year, whatever it may bring.

MuMum x

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