A year of MuMystery

I have been a blogaziner for a year now and after revealing the mystery of Instagram to opening the book of face (facebook). I thought it was a time of reflection.

The Book of Face

Facebook is a virtual book. A book of your face, life and thoughts. Today, the social networking site has more than 60 million active members, roughly the same population as the U.K.

Please don’t sayat.me!

While many of us teenagers will sit here defending social media for all its worth, I expect Sayat.me or Qhooh.me or Sarahah won’t get much praise. I don’t know whether it will be due to the fact it isn’t actually social media but seems to suit the category for what we know about Instagram and […]

What’s Christmas like for a teenager?

I’ve been thinking what Christmas actually means to me and it takes me back to a Geography lesson I had a few days before we broke up. We were looking at 9 mark questions and how to write them, we studied command words such as describe and explain. I don’t know where to start when […]

The Mystery of Instagram

Despite the fact I know almost everything about Instagram, I found it surprisingly hard to describe in a few words so, I googled it: ‘Instagram is a mobile, desktop, and Internet-based photo-sharing application and service that allows users to share pictures and videos either publicly or private’.

I think I’ve got a social mum…

To all my new followers, make sure you like and comment on my recent post and turn on my post notifications! Just to update all you readers, I just posted on Instagram. A picture of me and my 3 best friends, I captioned it ‘lush day today’ with a few kisses on the end to […]

A teenage insight in to starting school

So, as this month’s theme is about changes/new starts, I thought it would make sense if I wrote about what it was like starting at secondary school, as I doubt Instagram has much in common with new starts and changes!

The Mystery of Snapchat

You have probably heard of Snapchat, the yellow app with a white ghost, the app that dominates most teenagers phone screens and drains their data usage. It is also possibly the answer to why some of your children’s phone bills are way over their limit!