Sticks & Stones

My musing this month has been inspired by MuMan’s article as he beat me to it with something great! (Usually it’s me who picks the topic). As I read his words, I was reminded of the following little ditty: “Sticks & Stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me” Were you ever […]

Through A Child’s Eyes

Let me take you on a journey…. Picture yourself in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory (the original one!). Imagine walking through the fields of edible flowers, with Oompa Loompa’s frolicking around you…

Men are Mars… Women are Venus…

Men are Mars [bars]. Women are Venus [razors]. So, this week was Valentines Day and MuMan and I thought we might write something insightful about being in love but it seems that was not to be…

You Are Enough

Last week in my first ‘Monday Musing’ Vlog of 2018 (see here if you missed it), I shared my resolution to teach our Twinkles that they are enough – just by being them. So often, in our World, we are made to feel like we are not good enough, like we need to look different […]

Christmas chaos: be gone!

This month at MuMag, I thought we’d use this festive opportunity for you to get to know us all a bit better. So, I’ve asked each of our blogaziners to write about what Christmas means to them. Up first…. me! I LOVE Christmas. There is something about this time of year that just fills me […]

MuMum: Keeping calm in the storm and humble in the norm

Handling the emotions that come with parenting – the bangs, pops, whizzes and sparkles! Standing in a crowded playground last week watching the array of fireworks lighting up the sky, with our Twinkles clinging on to me, it seemed the event was a perfect analogy of the emotions that go hand in hand with parenting. […]

Weirdos – what happens to you when you join the parent club

You know those weirdos (eclectic people??) you see when you’re walking around town or through the park? Those middle-aged women with 15 different coloured bows in their hair or with badges pinned all over their coat? The ones you walk past and wonder what on-earth possessed them to dress like an overzealous child? Well I […]

First Day Fears and the Reality of Tears

So this month’s articles for me and MuMan come in two parts. As our girls start nursery, we wanted to share the journey with you both before and after their first day. Sometimes it’s easy to brush over how you felt after the event so we hope you will relate to our experience and [hopefully] […]

Give Yourself a Break

So, we recently returned from a family break with 23 of our nearest and dearest! A celebratory family time away that may not have anticipated relaxation but did promise lots of fun. And relaxing in the traditional serene spa way it was not but somehow, I came home feeling completely chilled and raring to go.

The List

As a twin Mummy, I’ve read lots of “things only a twin Mum would know” blogs, usually involving the frustrations of people asking if your twins are twins and the infamous “double trouble” remarks. So I figured that it was about time I wrote one of those posts BUT this it’s not the usual stuff. […]

What a difference a day makes…

I’m really talking about the difference a couple of months make but then I’m certain there must have been an overnight change at some point, because this time in April we took a retrospective look back at Mother’s Day and I shared with you my perspective of seeing a rejected Daddy whilst being an in-demand […]


I recently spotted this book, ‘Expecting Twins?’ in a shop and it sparked my musing mind… It’s mental health awareness week this week. In my short life, I have experienced varying mental health issues both firsthand and through friends and family and work. Mental health issues clearly fall on a spectrum, ranging from anxiety, depression […]

It’s always about Mum

“Mummy, mummy, mummy” Never have I had such mixed feelings towards a single word. This month at MuMag, we’re taking a retrospective look at Mother’s Day. The day when motherhood, in all its glory, is celebrated, acknowledged and rewarded. The day. Really? Just a day? If you’re like me then Mummyhood involves blood, sweat, tears and […]

Top Trumps

Do you remember playing Top Trumps as a kid? It wasn’t really something I got into then. But I seem to have found myself in a permanent game of it at the age of 32. From my limited recollection of Top Trumps and indeed the very definition of the word ‘trump’, I understand it’s something […]