Sponsor A Crib

As it’s the start of the New Year, I wanted to tell you more about how you might be able to help the incredible work at New Life Home. Their Sponsor A Crib program is a great way to extend you family love and finances to a baby in need. The following is information about […]

Christmas Crackers!

This months story from NLHT reminds me that whilst we’re planning the frivolities of Christmas, their vital work is continuous, day in day out, no matter what season it is: This beautiful set of twins, Frayah and Friedrich, arrived here at New Life Home wrapped together in a blanket. Sadly, their birth mother was in […]

A Terrific Toddler!

I love reading the stories NLHT send me – here’s one of that demonstrates the invaluable work they do for sick children who may otherwise have no hope:   This lovely boy came to New Life as a transfer from our sister home.  He was brought in to hospital by his grandmother, who later disappeared, […]

Temporary Twinning!

This month, NLHT tell us a about a set of twins they cared for temporarily cared for, which I can only imagine was a priceless gift for the mother: Bertram and Bernice appeared at our gate late one hot and humid afternoon. They were twins and their mother was in a desperate situation.  She was […]

A New Life Welcome with Style!

As we are talking about new beginnings this month, I asked New Life Homes what the start of a rescued baby’s life at NLH looked like. I expected a short written snippet about the process of inducting a new baby in to the home but instead I received this video! Now this is the kind […]


Oxygen isn’t something most of us have to think about on a daily basis. But I’m sure those of you that have had severely poorly children will appreciate how central to one’s thinking it can become when your child is lacking oxygen. At New Life Home, a child lacking this most basic of human needs […]

Twin Boys

These beautiful twin boys were admitted to NLHT, after being abandoned by their mother. They were left in the house alone with their grandfather, who had been neglecting his grandsons. Their mother had left the brothers for over a month before neighbours became concerned for their welfare. On admission to our home, the smaller twin […]

How do you define “family”?

It’s not the first time we’ve heard the question: “What happens when a rescued infant isn’t adopted?” Sometimes the answer is complicated: some children are fostered by local families, some are adopted later on, and some are not, because the transition would be too stressful. But sometimes the answer is simple: life happens.

The Joy of Cake

“Let them eat cake!” This famous phrase became my motto in the months following the birth of our Twinkles. Though I slightly edited it to “let me eat cake”!

Malnourished Babies

As we introduced to you last month, New Life Home exists to Rescue, Care and Place vulnerable babies, from 0 to 6 months old, giving priority to rescuing HIV infected and effected babies. This month we wanted to share a little more about some of their history with an example of one of the challenges […]


At MuMar Towers we’re delighted to be partnering with New Life Home in Kenya. Parenting can be tricky at the best of times even when your own children are healthy and (mostly) happy. So we’ve always been inspired by the extraordinary staff at New Life who are dedicated to caring for and loving babies who have […]