You’re no longer a man of good character.

“You’re no longer a man of good character” Imagine that! Someone telling you that you are no longer a man of good character. Well that’s exactly what Ant McPartlin was told by a Judge this week after having pleaded guilty to a drink driving charge. I’ve not really followed Mr McPartlin’s career since the days […]

What’s On the Agenda?

Monthly meeting between MuMan and the MuMar blogazine readers March 2018 AGENDA 1. Apologies 2. Review minutes of the previous blog post 3. Matters arising and action points from the previous meeting 4. Standing agenda items; parenting things to do with: – Twins – Triplets – Quads and more 5. Any other business 6. Date […]

Children change everything

Having children, they say, changes everything. So I wonder if having twins means that things change twice as much. And by three and four times as much if you have triplets or quads?


Someone once said: When I was five years old, my mother told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down happy. They told me I didn’t understand the assignment and I told them they didn’t […]

A twin dad’s Christmas past, present and future

Jingle bells! As I write this, I remember from the twinkles’ advent calendars that there are now just nine sleeps to go until the big day. I’ve been trying to remember over the last day or two, what Christmas meant to me when I was growing up and what it means to me now.

Daddy twins Christmas

MuMan: keeping calm in the storm and humble in the norm

In this article, I’m going to look at handling the emotions that come with parenting – the bangs, pops, whizzes and sparkles. “I’m a great dad. My way is the best way because it always works so you should do it too.” Said no-one ever who owned a jot of humility. But why then do […]

What’s the most bizarre thing to happen to you since you’ve had kids?

This article should be read, in the knowledge that it’s been written by a man. Men, as we all know, sometimes don’t think. And when my breed does think, it’s not always in the way you might expect. Occasionally we can be profound, loving, amusing and insightful. Sometimes these things manage to happen all at […]

Whose first day is it, really?

Ever since my paternity leave finished, some 3¼ years ago, I’ve become accustomed to leaving the twinkles. Every day, I get up, get ready for work and kiss them both on the forehead before tiptoeing out of their room without waking them up. They’re also used to not having me around, which makes our time […]

The Halcyon Days of Summer

When I was growing up, I couldn’t wait for the school summer holidays: endless weeks of blissful peace and best of all, no school. I quite liked school, as it happens, but it was nice not to be there all the same. But as I write this, we’re over half way through the school summer […]

TTQ&M (Twins, triplets, quads and more)

Did you know that it’s just been Twins, triplets and More Week? Don’t worry if you didn’t, it wasn’t particularly high profile in the grand scheme of things in the way that Comic Relief, Wimbledon fortnight or the build-up to the latest series of Game of Thrones is. Although Tamba did launch their twin foetal […]

It’s all about ME!

A-ha! We’ve arrived at Father’s Day! And… And I’m not really sure what it’s all about; apart from the fact that it’s supposed to be all about me. What does every other dad get up to on Father’s Day? Do they really get to do what they really want to do, or do they have […]


I consider myself fortunate that in my (nearly) 36 years on planet Earth, I’ve never had anything seriously wrong with me in a physical or mental sense. I did once fracture my wrist in an unfortunate roller skating incident but nothing more serious than that.

It’s all about Mum

We’re now nearly a month on from Mother’s Day: a day that’s all about mum, right? We’re told that by the advertisers, aren’t we?! Buy them chocs, buy them flowers, buy them a card to show them how much you love them. I’m not going to tell you what, or how much stuff MuMum received […]

Let’s have twins, we thought…

And twins is exactly what we had. At the first scan, two round shapes appeared on the screen hanging down from the ceiling (turns out it was their heads). I must admit I wasn’t surprised and I wasn’t even scared, just so full of emotion that it was even going to happen; I was going […]