About MuMar

MuMar is an online marketplace specialising in items for twins and multiples. You can sell pretty much anything: clothing, toys and equipment, even the family minibus!

But, I can hear you asking what MuMar actually means! Quite simply, it’s short for Multi Market and pronounced ‘MooMar’ but has nothing to do with cows!

Parents of multiples are going to love using the site because it’s designed uniquely for them, their family and their friends and also because the ethos of the site is about creating a community where fellow multiple parents will get a fair deal, whether buying or selling.

We’ve not forgotten about singletons and their parents though – there’s a dedicated category to list your single items.

MuMar’s founder, Leanne, tells us a little bit more about her story and where the inspiration for MuMar came from…

We were delighted to find out at our first scan that we were having twins and they’ve very quickly turned into little girls! So we’ve got a fair bit of experience of both parenting multiples and keeping them clothed and entertained on a fairly tight budget.

The girls were born five weeks early and spent a couple of weeks in hospital warming up and putting some weight on but what struck us, was how quickly they started to grow. They were soon out of their premature sized baby grows and vests, then the new born clothes, followed by 0-3 months and so on!

I’ve spent lots of time searching for clothes and equipment for every stage of the girls’ development and I don’t think this will ever stop. Twins and higher multiples are not particularly well represented on trading websites as they form such a small proportion of the population and it’s been frustrating trying to find pairs of matching or similar clothes on these kinds of sites. We’ve found high street shops that only stock one of a given size equally frustrating. We’ve tried using social media as well but have found them difficult to manage sales through and often can’t find what we’re looking for.

It’s because of this that we wanted to set up a space for multiple parents to buy and sell items, both easily and successfully. After all, busy parents don’t necessarily have the time to keep scrolling through selling sites, bumping up posts and waiting for auctions to end.

We wish you every success in buying and selling through MuMar and we hope you’ll enjoy getting involved in the MuMar community through MuMag.