A year of MuMystery

I have been a blogaziner for a year now and after revealing the mystery of Instagram to opening the book of face (facebook). I thought it was a time of reflection.

A year is a long time, a lot can happen in a year. 365 days. It is similar when you write as not only do you accomplish the articles themselves but you also get rewarded with the satisfaction of writing them and you feel a moment or two of pride.

As I look back and re-read my articles, I have a few ‘wow I wrote those’ moments but most of the time I become a self-critic where I think of new things to write or places where I cringe at the cheesiness of my tone. This is where I set aside notes for new article ideas or reflect on my writing style.

For me, not only has writing articles helped me practice and improve the standard of my writing, but it has also helped mentally in gaining confidence in myself and my writing. English has also been one of my favourite subjects at school.

My strengths were always highlighted in English, more so the creative or imaginative writing. If I am honest, to be given the opportunity to write as a blogaziner hasn’t come at a better time, as I have experienced a lot of criticism with my abstract writing style at school. Being a blogaziner allows me to write the way that feels best to me without too much criticism and sparks my motivation to improve my style and complexity of writing.

Things like the Commonwealth games only happen once every 4 years. In 4 years at MuMag we are predicted to write 48 articles.

I am currently sat watching the Commonwealth games netball on TV. It is things like this that we make the most of as they aren’t always around. As we go through life (approx. 86 years for women and 83 for men predicted by 2041), we learn to not take the time we have for granted. Birthdays are once a year, so is Christmas we like to make the most of these. The Olympics is every 4 years, we make the most of them. My article is every month, I make the most of them, because it is one chance in 4 weeks to accomplish another article, fulfil a responsibility, get rewarded with the satisfaction and make the most of the moment or two of pride.

That is all I have for you this month, and here’s to another year of MuMystery.

New year,
New feels,
New ideas,
New writing,
New articles.

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