A Terrific Toddler!

I love reading the stories NLHT send me – here’s one of that demonstrates the invaluable work they do for sick children who may otherwise have no hope:


A Terrific Toddler!

This lovely boy came to New Life as a transfer from our sister home.  He was brought in to hospital by his grandmother, who later disappeared, abandoning him on the ward. Efforts to trace the grandmother were unsuccessful and the matter was reported to the police.  This little boy had been suffering from diarrhoea and vomiting for one week before admission to hospital and showed signs of suffering from Failure to Thrive.

He was also suffering from malnutrition with scanty pale hair. He was prescribed intravenous antibiotics and given intravenous fluids. Blood tests were also carried out. The child had not been given any immunisations.

On admission to NLHT he was stable and a bit withdrawn.  He is adapting well to his new surroundings and is feeding on a high protein diet.  He was struggling to support his weight on his weak legs.  However he is becoming stronger each day!

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